“We are on the cusp of a great economic transformation. The Internet of Things will improve the lives of billions of people and create a more sustainable, democratic future” (Jeremy Rifkin, President of The Foundation of Economic Trends)

With billions of devices being connected to each other soon in the IoT, the “Internet of Things” Smart Home, will drastically change our lives.

In order to control a wide variety of actors and sensors connected in a Smart Home environment voice is the most convenient UI.

The SemanticEdge Natural-Language Voice User Interface (NL-UI) for Smart Home offers a complete solution for integrating an interactive natural-language user-interface into existing IoT-platforms. It consists of two main components: the Interpretation and Dialog Platform and the SE Dialog Client.

Overwiew SemanticEdge NL-Ui2

The SemanticEdge NL-UI for Smart Home provides speech recognition, natural-language interpretation and interactive dialog functionality covering the key actors and sensors and their main control use cases.

Among the device types that are covered by the solution there are:

  • Smart switches
  • Lights
  • Dimmers
  • Colour light bulbs
  • Shutters
  • Blinds, curtains
  • Doorlocks
  • Thermostats, air conditioners
  • Temperature sensors
  • Windows/door sensors
  • Water leakage sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Cameras
  • ...

Natural Language

    Characteristics of the solution are:

  • Robust natural language understanding
  • Context sensitive user interactions
  • Working without Internet connection
  • Easy integration into existing IoT platforms
  • Supported IoT technologies: KNX, Zig-Bee, Z-Wave, HomeMatic, EnOcean
  • Extensive customization possibilities

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