The SemanticEdge NL UI for Smart TV offers the most flexible ways to search in large scale multimedia databases like EPG, VOD or YouTube using natural language

Given hundreds of TV-Channels, thousands of Video-on-Demand titles and Apps as well as millions of YouTube videos accessible by today's Internet connected Smart TVs, traditional remote controls are the main barriers for enjoying the content revolution.

A natural-language user interface offers the most intuitive and efficient way to access information in large content sources.

The SemanticEdge Natural-Language Voice User Interface (NL-UI) for Smart TV offers a complete solution for integrating a highly expressive multi-modal user-interface into existing TV and videoplatforms. It consists of two main components: the Interpretation and Dialog Platform and the SE Dialog Client.

Overwiew SemanticEdge NL-Ui

The SemanticEdge NL-UI for Smart TV may provide the following functionality:

  • It provides speech recognition and natural-language interpretation functionality covering the key domains and use cases in Smart TV remote control and media search.
  • Beyond the pure semantic interpretation it may provide expressive control functionality for the TV monitor in order to adapt the GUI to the natural-language commands and search results.
  • In order to provide these two functionalities the SemanticEdge NL-UI for Smart TV integrates the metadata sources for EPG, VoD and YouTube as well as relevant other user and device information that may affect the remote control or search functionality and the dialog.

Natural Language Media Search

Characteristics of the solution are:

  • High performance natural-language multi-parameter search
  • Expressive GUI-control functionality
  • Component based, highly scalable, distributable multitier architecture
  • Elaborate metadata handling
  • Independence of speech recognition and text-to-speech provider
  • Extensive customization possibilities
  • Standardized, documented API that allows for easy integration into existing TV-Platform and IoT environments
  • Efficient tool supporting development, testing, monitoring, user feedback tracking and localization