Every call center is faced with the challenge of giving customers the best possible service and simultaneously keeping an eye on costs

Callers expect their concerns to be met with competent advice. At the same time, a highly qualified agent should not just be issuing simple standard information.

So pre-qualification of the caller and skill-based routing represents a huge challenge. Spoken dialog systems offer excellent solutions for this that make a new dimension of dialog quality possible.

SemanticEdge's configurable spoken dialog pre-qualification solution sets new standards in user-friendliness and configurability, and helps you to provide the optimum customer service in person-to-person dialog and in self-service. To enable one to provide this service, which is personalized and optimally adapted to the user-conduct, the solution consists of six different levels which can be combined according to the means of usage and the profile of the caller.

Service portals equipped with spoken dialog pre-qualification allow significantly more business processes to be integrated into the service, therefore enabling a quantum leap in the degree of automation.

Natural Language Dialogs

What benefits does Spoken Dialog Pre-Qualification from SemanticEdge have in store for you?

  • Individual Configuration: This portal solution can be individually adapted to your needs
  • Optimum Pre-Qualification: Our Pre-Qualification Solution enables your customers to quickly and easily select the desired service, even with a large range of services
  • Great User Satisfaction: The Pre-Qualification Solution enables personalized, spoken dialog service selection in the highest quality. Flexible, cooperative dialogs adjust to the user and bring human characteristics into the interaction between people and machines (Dialog Design with Human Touch). The resulting high level of user satisfaction is verified in numerous customer surveys.
  • Quick Time-to-Market: The configurable portal module can go into live operation after only a matter of a few days.
  • Integrated Development and Management Environment: Efficient tools provide you with comfortable administration, independent processing of the portal levels and detailed reporting.
  • Open, Standard-Based Web Architecture: : The future-oriented system architecture permits you to exchange the components of the portal (e.g., the voice recognizer) and to use existing infrastructure systems (application and portal servers, management systems, reporting, etc.).

Properties that distinguish Spoken Dialog Pre-Qualification

  • The experienced user immediately accesses the desired service sector with one sentence or a key word.
  • Inexperienced or indecisive callers receive sufficient assistance. A diversified dialog emerges.
  • The caller is not discouraged by a grid of static menus or keyword-type question.
  • According to the course of the dialog, users receive tips on how to use the system better.

Special Technical Features

  • Individual levels can be activated or deactivated depending on what is required. For instance, a user can start with a simple, menu-driven solution which can be expanded in the next step to a spoken dialog level with personalized dialogs
  • A graphic configuration interface enables separate processing of the application components Service Menu, Prompts and Grammar.