In light of global competitive pressure, banks must also develop new strategies in the customer service sector.

This includes a re-think on the possibilities in the self-service sector.

Automating standard processes such as account services, bank transfers, call handling and branch information can not only dramatically reduce costs, but can also open up new opportunities in customer service.

The fields of application:

Retail banks can implement voice response systems in a variety of application scenarios.

One Application - Several Points of View

Enterprise Solution Banking:

Enterprise Solution Banking by SemanticEdge is an individually configurable, modular branch solution that enables the pre-qualification and automation of essential 1st level support retail banking services – as the central entry portal of the bank, in call reception in branch offices or as a purely call handling service..

Services such as bank balance inquiries, bank transfers, bank transfer form orders or blank check form orders can be fully automated with no human interaction.

Service Overview: Enterprise Solution Banking

What benefits does Enterprise Solution Banking have in store for you?

  • Individual Configuration: The Enterprise Solution with its process modules can be individually adjusted to your needs.
  • Great User Satisfaction: The high quality of the dialog, speech recognition and persona design has been optimized over several years. The resulting high level of user satisfaction is verified in our well known references, numerous user surveys, continuous quality management and the award as ”Best Enterprise Solution“.
  • High Return-On-Investment: The banking solution is equipped with the highest degree of automation on the market. Even highly complex services such as external bank transfers can be processed conclusively at a rate of over 85%.
  • Quick Time-to-Market: Reusable process modules enable your application to be in live operation after the shortest possible periods of time.
  • Integrated Development and Management Environment: Efficient tools provide you with comfortable administration, independent processing of the application and detailed reporting.
  • Open, Standard-Based Web Architecture: The future-oriented system architecture permits you to exchange the components in a voice response system (e.g., the voice recognizer) and to use existing infrastructure systems (application and portal servers, management systems, reporting, etc.).

Properties that distinguish Enterprise Solution Banking:

  • Flexible, Event-Driven Dialoging: Instead of static menu navigation (”Say Account Balance if you...“), the system lets the caller take the initiative with the friendly introductory question, ”How can I help you?“. The caller can select the desired service in complete sentences while the dialoging adapts dynamically to the customer's statements or the stored domain information (accessible accounts, balances, overdraft credits, bank transfer limits, etc.).
  • Optimized Application of Speech Synthesis: The banking solution can be operated as a 100% speech synthesis system with expressive, individual speech generation.
  • Large Vocabulary in Speech Recognition: In the ”Locations of branch offices and ATMs&blquo; service, the speech portal permits the recognition of all of the regional locality names and all of the street names in a city, making customer use very pleasant and simple.
  • Completely Automated External Bank Transfer: This is the first system in the world to permit a fully automated external bank transfer including registration of the recipient's name and a free choice of reason-for-payment (without post-processing!).
  • Integrated Call Handling and Personal Assistant: This allows a caller to be switched directly to the desired employee or to a specific department, resulting in a savings of valuable time with every call that employees make from the office or underway.

Best Enterprise Solution

Made by SemanticEdge, Sparda-Bank Hamburg's banking application received the ”Best Enterprise Solution“ award at the 2004 VOICE Awards.

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