New sales models, internet and TV shopping are transforming traditional mail order marketing and creating new challenges for logistics.

Voice response systems allow you to design your customer services more efficiently and to notably improve the quality of your consultancy, be it in delivery status statements, automatic ordering processes for catalogs, goods and transport or contest actions

SemanticEdge offers you extensive experience in the automation of service processes in natural language, personalized dialog.

The service modules we have developed for the logistics and mail-order sector enable the pre-qualification and automation of important 1st level support services.

Service Overview DHL Track&Trace

What benefits do the Logistics & Mail-Order solution process modules have in store for youy?

  • Individual Configuration: The process modules can be individually adjusted to your needs.
  • Great Customer Satisfaction:The telecommunications solution combines personalized and natural language dialogs in the highest quality, even with complex business processes. Flexible, cooperative dialogs adjust to the user and bring human characteristics into the interaction between people and machines (Dialog Design with Human Touch). The resulting high level of user satisfaction is verified in numerous customer surveys.
  • High ROI: The high dialog quality allows the maximum level of automation, even of complex services (for instance, rate changes).
  • Quick Time-to-Market: The reusable process modules permit you to attain significant savings effects at a very early stage.
  • Integrated Development and Management Environment: Efficient tools provide you with comfortable administration, independent processing of the application and detailed reporting.
  • Open, Standard-Based Web Architecture: The future-oriented system architecture permits you to exchange the components in a voice response system (e.g., the voice recognizer) and to use existing infrastructure systems (application and portal servers, management systems, reporting, etc.).

Properties that distinguish the Logistics and Mail Order solutions

  • Automated New Customer Registration with the help of a nationwide name and address index for Germany
  • Automated Ordering Dialog that adjusts automatically to each integrated product database and offers alternative payment and delivery possibilities (for example, direct bank transfer)
  • DHL Delivery Status Overview with direct customer access to the delivery status information stored in the Deutsche Post/DHL systems
  • Automated Change of Address via recognition and enunciation of all town and street names throughout Germany
  • Branch Office Search with the navigation system, enabling the precise identification of retail branches upon entry of the town name, street name and address

Best Enterprise Services

Minimal recognition errors, high effectiveness, good learnability and more got DHL's Track&Trace dialog system the Best Enterprise Services Award.

VOICE Award 2006

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