Public transportation for persons living in cities and densely populated areas is in demand around the clock

Connections and prices change frequently and passengers have to navigate their way through the jungle of routes and charges. While information systems are increasingly providing more extensive and precise timetable information, even in realtime, access to this information frequently remains difficult.

The simplest form of timetable and price information is in the capacity to have the best connection transmitted to ones mobile phone anywhere, any time of day; but most transport service providers are not equipped with this capability. To remedy this, voice response systems provide a user-friendly service that is accessible from anywhere 24 hours a day offering affordable, comprehensive and precise information.

SemanticEdge has already developed intelligent information systems for several high-population areas, thereby developing a reusable voice user interface solution. The modular speech application provides timetable and price information from one address, bus/train stop or station or point-of-interest to the next.

Service Overview: Public Transport Timetable and Price Information (Example: MVV)

Our Solution for Public Passenger Transport

For public passenger transport, SemanticEdge offers a timetable information system equipped with spoken dialog recognition of the departure and destination location, the preferred means of transport, type of handicap or restriction and the desired departure and arrival times. Stations/stops and POIs throughout Germany are recognized.

What benefits does Timetable and Price Information have in store for you?

  • Individual Configuration: The various information solution elements can be individually adapted to your needs.
  • Great Customer Satisfaction: The high quality of this information solution has been verified in customer surveys.
  • High ROI: The timetable information features a far higher degree of automation than other solutions that are in operation.
  • Quick Time-to-Market: The system can already go into live operation after only a matter of weeks.
  • Integrated Development and Management Environment: Efficient tools provide you with comfortable administration, independent processing of the application and detailed reporting.
  • Open, Standard-Based Web Architecture: The future-oriented system architecture permits you to exchange the components in a voice response system (e.g., the voice recognizer) and to use existing infrastructure systems (application and portal servers, management systems, reporting, etc.).

Properties that distinguish the Timetable and Price Information system

  • Natural language dialogs with intelligent, pleasant speech generation using speech synthesis
  • Recognition of stations/stops, addresses and POIs, i.e., over 450,000 different entries in some cases
  • Unrestricted entry of the route and departure or arrival times in one complete sentence (Multiple Slot Filling)
  • Entry of mobility restrictions (for example, wheelchair user or impaired vision)
  • Possibility to exclude specific means of transportation
  • Recognition of various time-related terms (e. g., ”immediately“, ”tomorrow afternoon“, ”arrival at 3 o'clock“)
  • Intelligent summarization of search results
  • Access to the central timetable information systems

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