No More Wasted Time

Did you know that your employees spend at least 10 minutes a day looking for a telephone number or trying to reach someone by phone?

And employees on the move also lose lots of time because a certain telephone number is hard to find at the moment or there is no access to the address book when traveling. Add it all up and it comes to several days each year – leaving you possibly missing out on THE decisive call for the deal of the year!

The SemanticEdge Personal Assistant helps you to increase the productivity of your employees and to guarantee their accessibility in those moments when it really counts: As your personal communication center, the Personal Assistant knows all your business partners and colleagues as well as hotels, restaurants and timetable information systems for your travel plans. It ensures that you can access these anytime and from anywhere in the world quickly with only a few words (”Dr. Schroeder IBM“, ”Timetable Information Munich“, etc.). And it also selects the cheapest telephone connection in the process

For this new means of communication, the Personal Assistant was awarded the VOICE Award for the most innovative speech application.

Service Overview: Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant Features

Using only a few words, with the Personal Assistant you can:

  • Directly dial your desired connection
  • Search for an entry using a variety of criteria
  • Control an intelligent messaging system
  • Control the Personal Assistant using navigation commands
  • Dial a telephone number without having to push buttons
  • Reconfigure the functionality of the Personal Assistant

And the best thing is that the return-on-investment for the Personal Assistant is generally achieved in far less than one year!

The primary reasons for this are significant productivity increases and clear telephone, telephone center and infrastructure cost reductions.

Best Innovation Award

The Personal Assistant's innovative functionality combined with excellent marks from the user tests made this application the VOICE Award's ”Best Innovation“.

VOICE Award 2006

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