First Choice. A two-part mission:

To develop outstanding natural language user interfaces - and to become our business customers first choice partner for those products and solutions.

    The unique selling proposition of SemanticEdge and the SemanticEdge Natural Language User Interface (NL-UI) for Smart TV and Smart Home can be summarized in the following three dimensions:

    1.Value added Application:

    1. Based on the power of the SemanticEdge natural language interpretation technologies for multi-parameter search, the integration of best-of-breed speech technologies and the elaborate usability testing that the SemanticEdge NL UIs for Smart TV and Smart Home incorporate, our solution offers the highest interpretation accuracy and the fastest response times leading to very high end user satisfaction.

    2.Value added Platform:

    2. Based on the modular and open architecture of the SemanticEdge platform and sophisticated metadata handling, we can provide a very smart and comprehensive solution that can be better adapted to the specific requirements of our customers, saving significant development efforts.

    3.Value added Company:

    Given our market positioning and the ownership structure of SemanticEdge we are more flexible and highly motivated to excellently fulfill the technical and commercial requirements of our customers.